Software Product Lines in Action

The Best Industrial Practice in Product Line Engineering



Frank van der Linden

Klaus Schmid

Eelco Rommes


· 334 pages

· 91 illustrations

· Hardcover

· ISBN: 978-3-540-71436-1


10 exhaustive descriptions of case studies of software product line engineering from large and small companies


Provides a description of the Families Evaluation Framework (FEF) developed as part of the Families project, the largest project on software product lines ever, and applied in a number of well-known companies.


The FEF enables organizations to assess and optimize their product line potential.





Quote from the foreword by Paul Clements, SEI – Carnegie Mellon University, USA

"I fully expect that Software Product Lines in Action will become one of the foundational references of this quickly-evolving field. It’s the most comprehensive treatment of product line practice in existence today."



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·         Case Study: Philips Consumer Electronics



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